The Tocqueville Program

at Furman University

Ben and Jenna Storey direct Furman’s Tocqueville Program, working in concert with their colleagues Dr. Aristide Tessitore (emeritus), Dr. Aaron Zubia, and Dr. Robert L’Arrivee.  The Tocqueville Program was founded in 2006 as a place for students and faculty to ask honest and open questions about the moral and philosophic questions at the heart of political life. 


Through our course-and-lecture series, we introduce our students to dozens of the country’s most serious thinkers on both the pressing issues of our time and the enduring questions of human life.  Through our Summer Placement Initiative, we help many young people take the first steps toward a career.  Through our post-doctoral fellowship program, we assist in training the next generation of teacher-scholars and brought their energy and insights to Furman.  Through our extra-curricular Fellowship program and discussion groups, we consider how the study of political philosophy might help us better understand current events and perennial human problems.

We’re grateful for the long succession of Furman students who have enriched our work with their spirit of honest inquiry, their genuine openness to different perspectives, and their desire to become more thoughtful citizens and more dignified human beings.  And we are especially grateful for the lasting friendships that have formed around the conversations the Tocqueville Program exists to foster.

Contact: Paige Blankenship, Student Programs Manager

Department of Politics and International Affairs, Furman University

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